10 Mart 2019 Yökdil Fen Bilimleri Sınav Soruları Muhtemel Cevapları Burada - testdelisi.com

10 Mart 2019 Yökdil Fen Bilimleri Sınav Soruları Muhtemel Cevapları Burada

Olası Cevaplar Akındil Eğitim merkezinin facebook sayfasından alıntı yapılmıştır. 

FEN Bilimleri Gramer, Kelime ve ,Bağlaç Soruları

1.The same as
7.in spite of
10. is / was known
14.was discovered
18.as well as
19.Have grown/is

FEN Cloze Test 1
22.run out
24.For example
Cloze Test 2
26.Could change
27.Made up of

FEN Cümle Tamamlama
31. Although much is now understood about ants and they
are social structure… scientists can still fully explain
neither their individual nor group behavior.
32. Technical advances of the 19th century broadened the
field of engineering;…this was done by introducing a
large variety of engineering specialties
33. The concerns about the ozone hole began to rise in the
mid-1980s …when the British scientist noticed it was
34 ….Since many organisms in deep seas grow very
slowly , they need their habitats to remain stable over a
long time
35. The immune system, like the brain, differs in
sophistication in different animals,… but the overall
principles are the same across many species
36. As people live longer their ability to fight infectious
agents is impaired; …as a result the organisms that
are usually unable to cause diseases become
potentially deadly-agents

37. Whereas a large-leaved plants like bananas usually
grow in the tropics,… plants with small leaves tend to
be found in the poles
38. Ecosystems provide us with valuable and sometimes
irreplaceable resources, …but they can continue to
do this only to the degree that humans’
environmental impact will allow
39. Water occurs as rain clouds,consisting of water
droplets;… in addition it also appears in the form of
swamps lakes rivers and oceans
40. The innermost part of Earth is far too deep to invest
directly;so, instead, scientists study how seismic
waves pass through this region to learn something
of their make-up
41. The embryo has three primary layers that undergo
many interactions,… in order to evolve into organ,
bone, muscle, skin or neural tissue

FEN Paragraf 1
Atom structure
1. It wasn’t until Thomson that atoms were thought to
be separated
2. Development in the field physics cannot be attributed
to one single scientist
3. the ongoing of modern understanding of atomic
Paragraf 2
Light Pollution
1. Europe is far more affected than world average
2. Dark new Mexico is an unspoiled place for
3. It is impossible for about 30% to see

FEN Paragraf Tamamlama
1. ???? (Konu)
Cevap: However, that might not be the whole story.
2. Brain (Konu)
Cevap : The first thing it does is to determine whether it
requires interest
3. Cyberattack (Konu)
Cevap: :Every connected-person needs to support
immune system
4. Bees (Konu)
Cevap: We need to protect these little creatures …
supermarket stocks
5. ???? (konu)
Cevap: 3.8 millions years ago …

FEN Çeviriler
Bir insaat muhendisi diger muhendislik bilgulerine ihtiyac
duyar cunku cogu muhendislik bilgisi birbirleriyle
Cevap: A civil engineer needs……because most
engineering knowledge is interrelated.

Yari iletken plastikten yapilan alicilar…..icin kullanilabilir.
Cevap: Semiconductive sensors made from
plastics……..could be used.

Yeryuzundeki sicaklik deniz seviyesinde ortalama 15
derecedir, ancak bu enlem, yukselik ….'ya gore degisir.
Cevap: The temprature at sea level averages 15 C,
however it varies…..

1920lere kadar radyoaktif calismalar insan yapimi
radyasyon ya da x ışını……..
Cevap: Until 1920's, the studies about…….man made
radiation or x ray…..

A logical system……..was first put forward by Francis Bacon
in 17th century.
Cevap: ……..ile ilgili mantiksal sistem ilk kez Francis
Bacon tarafindan öne sürüldü.

It is difficult to understand dark matter…… for scientists.
Cevap: bilim adamlari icin zordur.

Brain consumes more oxygen than other…….., which makes
it susceptible to…..
Cevap: Beyin diger organlardan daha fazla oksijen
tuketir, bu da onu….. hale getirir.

Using elecronic devices, such as cell phones, before bed
time inhibits the release of melatonin and increases the
stress levels.
Cevap: …….ve stres seviyelerini artirir.

When a developing fetus or a young child is constantly
exposed to arsenic, its effects may not show up until a later
stage of life.
Cevap: Gelismekte olan bir fetus ya da ………maruz
kaldiginda. etkileri hayatin sonraki donemlerine kadar
ortaya cikmayabilir.

Insanlar bir odanin duvarlari icin ne kadar boyaya ihtiyac
duyduklari gibi bazi……… hesaplamak icin geometri bilgisine
ihtiyac duyar.
Cevap: People need geometric knowledge to…….. .

Hidrojen evrende en bol bulunan elementtir ve
buyuzden……… gorulur.
Cevap: Hydrogen is an abundant element……..and
therefore it is considered…. .

FEN Roma Rakam
1. analogy ve homology paragrafı,
Doğru cevap; embrylogy is a subdivision of anatomy that
deals with developlmental changes that occur before birth
2. Technological enthusiasm paragrafı,
Doğru cevap; the inherent Danger of technological
advances lies in the possible negative effects of
technology and the relevant social straints.
3. Ganemede paragrafı;
Doğru cevap; planets that orbit other Stars are called
4. Sanayileşme paragrafı,
Doğru cevap, with these new inmovations, britain
produced the best iron in the highest amount in the
18th century
5. Kutuplar paragrafı
Doğru cevap; additionally, as the arctic is impacted by
climate change, natural gas and oil will be easier to
6. Helyum paragrafı;
doğru cevap; earth might generate helium naturally by
underground radioactivity.

Paragraf 3
1. A computational approach might be a solution
2. It is necessary … adequate number of teachers for
3. Controversial opinion about coding at schools
Paragraf 4
1. safety concerns were overlooked
2. Ford produced a small car to compete other rivals
3. the design of the car was uncommon
Paragraf 5
1. The distribution of mass of galaxies and universe
2. The results of scientific research regarding the
3. There is far more mass in the universe than in the
disk of the galaxy

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