2018 YDS Aralık Soruları ve Cevapları - 2 Aralık YDS İngilizce Soru ve Cevapları - testdelisi.com

2018 YDS Aralık Soruları ve Cevapları – 2 Aralık YDS İngilizce Soru ve Cevapları

2018 YDS Aralık Soruları ve Cevapları - 2 Aralık YDS İngilizce Soru ve Cevapları

Tebrikler - 2018 YDS Aralık Soruları ve Cevapları - 2 Aralık YDS İngilizce Soru ve Cevapları adlı sınavı başarıyla tamamladınız. Sizin aldığınız skor %%SCORE%% en yüksek skor %%TOTAL%%. Hakkınızdaki düşüncemiz %%RATING%%
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2 Aralık 2018 YDS Muhtemel Cevaplar

1. Give up
2. Profoundly
3. diversity
4. Heralded
5. Exploitation
6. Viable
7. When
8. Not only / but also
9. Even if
10. Emerging / lasted
11. Have pondered / have begun
12. With / on
13. Due to
14. Just as
15. Has faced / would be leaving
16. Within / between
17. Led to
18. For (almost a decade)
19. Such as
20. Would have been strengthened VEYA
had to be strengthened
21. Although
22. Came up with
23. To take
24. By means of
25. Thus (verbing ile devam ediyordu)
26. Throughout
27. Although airborne radar shares much in common with surface and naval sets, there are many factors involved set it apart from these.
28. While percentage of North Americans practicing vegetarianism has remained about only 1% of the total population, social acceptance of this lifestyle has increased since 20th century.
29. As the human population continues to increase , the amount of noise will also grow since we crowd together with
gadgets and machines.
30. No accurate statistics for ADHD exists, as its symptoms come and go in almost every healthy person and vanish in time.
31. While the developmental goals of maintaining autonomy in a wide variety of life domains over life span is one of
the highest value in most western cultures, one of the most normal elements of many developing countries is reliance on children in later phases of life.
32. Although we may think we come to our opinions independently, research shows that people are profoundly influenced by group norms at all levels of thought and behaviour.
33. Even though developers and manufacturers of technical and systems attempt to produce to products as userfriendly as possible, all too frequently technical devices and features are not adequate for the needs and abilities of older people.

34. Because obesity, linked to health problems like heart disease and diabetes has become more prevalent, public health experts are expecting a heavy burden on health systems and society.
35. Because Albatrosses remain out at sea for days or weeks while foraging, these birds must be physiologically capable of drinking seawater without harm.
36. Much of the ocean remains mysterious because the dark cold conditions make its deep water difficult to explore.

37. Meditation is considered as—
38. After workout, our muscles … which
39. Our immune system is a system that
40. Önemli ölçüde artan iletişim sonucu
41. Modern children’s novels tend to cover
42. …tasarlama, iknaya yönelik iletişim

Cloze test 1
1.RELY ON large lithium batteries
2. HOWEVER another element cobalt
3.thedemand FOR
5. THANKS TO recently developed

Cloze test 2
1. The rules EXIST
2. We know the rules are there
3. Similar structures FOR similar
4. EVEN IF there maybe other
elements as well
5. meant TO SAY
recycling ________ the use of lithium
batteries until 10 years after the mass
marketing EVs but they is hope.

2 Aralık 2018 YDS Muhtemel Cevaplar


Survival-bunny vs humans
1. Complex reasoning skills that people have
2. in order to survive all living beings…. Avoid
life threatening situations
3. in order not to become a prey while
feeding themselves
4. abstain from ….. without action ile biten

1. The water formed on Mars boils and
disappears immediately
2. If the boiling water had an impact on the
surface of Mars
3. Resulted in ridge like patterns similar to
the one….
4. Mars had a suitable environment for
water to be formed, but it is unable to
preserve it

1.Galapagos came to be the home unique
2.Galapagos have been virtually unaffected by
the modern world
4.What makes Galapagos so interesting?

1. Chinese much earlier than Egyptians
2. Ana fikir: aromatherapy throughout
3. prominent : noteworthy
4. he wrote a book on medicine

1. Başlık: Daydreaming Explained
2. to indicate it was not a normal
phenomenon in the past
3. daydreaming may have hazardous and
beneficial impact in the adulthoods
4. daydreaming may occur due to bodily
and outside stimuli


… he was master of orchestration
Hunter gatherer society
At the same time, edible plants flourished
Parkinson Disease
However, this focus should not cause other
aspects of general health to be ignored

Deforestation/ destruction of forests
Machinery caused destruction of huge scale
and magnitude

Dialogue soruları
1. In my opinion tackling obesity is not an
individual but a social thing
2. But weren’t there Arab scientists conducting experiments 600 years before he came around?
3. It is really important to identify what type
of change you are looking for
4. Oh really! I’m glad that you like philosophy you know
5. Astronomers have found that when sunlike stars die, they give birth to future stars.

Restatement cevaplar:
68. Charisma is the quality of people who have the power of leadership due to their extraordinary personality or charactetistic different from ordinary people
69. For a long time, researchers have studied the language abilities of parrots, however it seems that they also have the capacity to utilize their skills to solve problems
70. A concentration of wealth at the top ofthe economic spectrum will still weaken social cohesion regardless of the fact that those at the bottom are satisfied with fairly low life standards
71. A large number of satellite images reveal deforestation in many areas …, they also show protected areas by local tribes..

Mısır kıyafetleri Egyptian clothing
III. One of the facts about Egyptian clothes is the lack of change seven over the centuries.

V. The software cravat was a great improvement in fashion industry and worn by men and women.

IV. Although renowned for strength, ceramics are fragile and need careful handling.

Manu National park
III. Declared a National park in 1973 and expanded in 2002, Manu protects more than 6600 square miles.

Athenian Acropolis
II. Over the millennia, the deterioration as a result of the passage of time has been incalculable.

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