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8 Eylül 2019 Sonbahar YDS İngilizce Muhtemel Sorular ve Cevaplar

8 Eylül 2019 Sonbahar YDS ingilizce muhtemel cevaplar yds.net sitesinden alıntı yapılmıştır. YDS kursuna kayıt olmak isteyenler için Akın Dil Eğitim Merkezi ilk tercihleriniz arasında yer alsın.

1- efficacy

2- conclusion

3- stem from

4- inseparable

5- identifying

6- notoriously

7- until

8- but

9- thanks to

10- have shown / helps

11- such / that

12- while

13- throughout / among

14- in / into

15- would have provided/ leading

16- cannot exist / must have been



Along with

By comparison


Have allowed



Had to find


In terms of





1) According to therapists, it is vital women

strengthen their bodies in their 40s, as

bone density gradually decreases, leaving

the bones fragile.

2) As the Dakota tribes were fed up with

settlers flooding into their territory, they

decided to respond with attacks to push

the settlers off.

3) Even though animal behaviorists have

traditionally avoided linking human

emotions such as grief, with response by

animals, studies have shown that species

from dolphins to ducks mourn the

passing of relatives.

4) Fast food has emerged as one of the

enemies of health, so the fast food

industry has received critical attention in

recent years.

5) Peer pressure is what causes people to

do things that are popular to fit with

others, so it can be a powerful driving

force in the lives of adolescents.


6. For a long time, punishment was viewed

as a useful child rearing tool, yet now it is

recognized that it generally does not lead

to the desired behavioral outcomes for


7. Because we are bombarded with so much

information and misinformation what

might cause cancer, it is difficult to

separate myth from reality.

8. While each researcher has their way of

analyzing and interpreting animal

remains, some methods are considered


9. Because renaissance produced individuals

who excelled in a number of different

areas, someone who is successful in

several fields is often called a renaissance

man or woman.

10. Although it is localized mainly on the

left side of human brain, language does not

seem to be restricted to a single region in the



Çeviri soruları

1. people who consume high fat foods are

more likely to suffer from good night

sleep than others as fat intake negatively

affect hormones and metabolism, both of

which interact with internal clock that

regulates sleep

2. anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder

WHERE obsession with dieting and

thinness …., but individuals do not

acknowledge it as a health problem

3 .adli araştırmacılar olay yerinde suç ile

ilgili her şeyin kaydını tutarlar ve bu

dikkat sadece oldukça güvenilmez olan

insan hafızasına bağımlı olmayı

engellemekler kalmaz ayni zamanda

mahkemede sunulabilecek kanıt sağlarlar.

4. zorbalığın dünya çapında neredeyse her

kültürde olduğu ispat edilmiştir ancak

bazı ülkelerde diğerlerinden daha fazla

olabileceğinin kanıtları vardır.

5 .alternatif tip bati dünyasında yaklaşık

1950lerden beri bilinmektedir ve o

günden beride kullanımı giderek


6. although there is ongoing debate about

exactly when where and how first cities

arose, researchers put forward that they

were built around five or six thousand

years ago in various regions of the world.



Konu: Yapraklar sonbaharın geldiğini nasıl


In other words, they have a relatively small

amount of time to change light and water into


Konu: Drones

The on-board camera in each device gathered

images of the gates and the pictures allowed a

neural network controlling drones to learn

how to pass through them.

Konu: Lighthouse

I am not certain. Some modern installations

are controlled remotely from a convenient


Konu: Mutluluk ve kilo ilişkisi

The reality is weight gain has many causes and

there can be various complications of these

causes in different people.

Konu: Göz hastalıkları

Many eye conditions show no symptoms, and

if they put off eye tests until they experience

symptoms like blurry eyes, the damage could

already be irreversible.

Paragraf Tamamlama

1. Children are rarely corrected, and even

when they are, they resist the connection.

Devamı: For example, Eng. speaking children

might continue to say bringed rather than

brought even though parents correct them

2.Rontgen studied many different areas of

physics, including light, fases, heat transfee,

and thermal conductivity of crystals.

Devamı: However, in the world of physics, he

is vest known for his research into X rays.

3. Archeologists must form their picture of

early life based on small sets of discovered

materials separated by both time and


Devamı: Because of these difficulties …

4. Manufacturers have recently begun to

position such products as a reasonable


Devamı: But is that really true?



Olympic Games

IV) The permanent home of the ancient

Olympics …

Grammar books

IV) There are a large number of grammar

books, most of which are criticized by

students for including highly difficult

grammar exercises.

Herbal treatment

2) A competent herbalist or well-respected

herbal guide or specialist are generally

expected to be conferred with for the

most effective herbal treatments.


2) Yet, the more closely scientists study our

own planet’s habitability, the less

appealing our world appears to be.


1) Water is one of the essential natural

resources that have been the centre of

attention in the last century due to

pollution and excessive consumption,

particularly in the developed world.


Yakin Anlam:

68. People started to seek more powerful cars

in the 1950s, and manufacturers

responded to this by making engines

bigger and the rotation speed faster,

while it meant damaging the fuel


69. Television did not come about all by itself,

as a series of inventions in electricity,

telegraph, and photography led to its


70. It was only in the 19th century that the

system of logic, established by Aristotle

and believed to include the laws that

govern thought, began to change.

71. Given that eating disorder cannot be

classified as only physical or

psychological, effective treatment should

include both medical intervention and




1. could possibly result in a worldwide

detection due to a lack of sound policies

2. has diminished as a result of collective


3. yazar görüşü : sarcastic – dissatisfied ??

4. Yazarın amacı : to highlight the importance

of collaborative efforts


1. Children were illiterate: as schools only

accepted the children of the landowners

2. the real reason why the writer ..: the

quality of the products decreased due to

child labor

3. child labor started due to wars which led

to a lack of adult male labor in Britain

4. The aim of the writer : to emphasize that

child labor, initially considered

advantageous, proved to be



1. ISAAC ASIMOV : came up with the idea

that life might have emerged elsewhere

thanks to a different chemical solvent

than we know

2. broach : introduced

3. Chemicals such as methane, kerosene … :

could possibly act as a solvent to form life

4. mainly about : the search for alternatives

to water that forms life ….


1. Why un-academic ? the very first word

that refers to its invention seemed too

odd to be linked with academic theories

by a professor.

2. the glass-maker unintentionally created

it while working on an unrelated project

3. people had a strong hold belief in the

superiority naked eye

4. despite its importance, the specifics of

the development of lenses have

remained unknown for a long while


1. industrious employees with lower

wages may receive a higher percentage

pay increase than those with a higher


2. it can contribute to the future

prosperity of the company itself

3. what is the drawback ?? : It is not

favored by everyone as it appeals to

certain positions and careers

4. supervisors can determine the amount

an employee will receive.

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