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8.Sınıf İngilizce Quiz – Teen Life – 26

8.Sınıf İngilizce Quiz - Teen Life - 26


Tebrikler - 8.Sınıf İngilizce Quiz - Teen Life - 26 adlı sınavı başarıyla tamamladınız.

Sizin aldığınız skor %%SCORE%% en yüksek skor %%TOTAL%%.

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8. Sınıf İngilizce Konuları

1. Ünite Friendship – Arkadaşlık
Accepting and refusing / Apologizing / Giving explanations and reasons (Would you like, How about, I’m sorry, Sure, that sounds fun!, Yeah why not …)
Making simple inquiries (Are you busy tomorrow evening? — No, not at all. Why?)

2. Ünite Teen Life – Genç Hayatı
Describing the frequency of actions
Expressing likes and dislikes (love, like, enjoy, hate, dislike)
Expressing preferences (I prefer hip-hop concerts, I think they‘re terrific.)
Making simple inquiries
Stating personal opinions (Making simple inquiries) (What do you do in the evenings? I usually do my homework, but I also listen to music.)

3. Ünite In The Kitchen – Mutfakta
Describing simple processes (First, then, finally)
Expressing preferences (Do you prefer cooking pizza or
pasta? — I love cooking and eating pizza.)
Making simple inquiries (Do I use two or three eggs? What can/should I use to cook soup?)
Naming common objects.

4. Ünite On The Phone – Telefonda
Following phone conversations
Stating decisions taken at the time of speaking

5. Ünite The Internet – İnternet
Accepting and refusing (Would you, Why don’t we, What do you mean? Yes, sure/That sounds great. I’m sorry, but I can’t.
Giving explanations/reasons
Making excuses
Making simple requests
Making simple inquiries
Talking about plans
Telling the time, days and dates
6. Ünite Adventures – Maceralar
Expressing preferences (What do you prefer …? I would rather … than … , I prefer rafting …)
Giving explanations and reasons
Making simple comparisons (I think bungee-jumping is more/less dangerous and challenging than canoeing.)
Making simple inquiries.
Stating personal opinions
Talking about what people do regularly
Talking about past events

7. Ünite Tourism – Turizm
Describing places (What do you think about Rome? Did you enjoy your trip? — It was incredible. It‘s truly an ancient city, and the weather was just perfect. It is in fact usually warm and sunny in Rome.)
Describing the weather
Expressing preferences (Which one do you prefer? Historic sites or the seaside? — I‘d rather visit historic sites because they)
Giving explanations/reasons (I think/guess/believe/suppose it is exciting. — In my opinion/to me, it is lovely.)
Making simple comparisons (In my opinion/to me, historical architecture is more beautiful than modern architecture.)
DStating personal opinions
Talking about experiences (Have you ever been/gone to …? — Yes, I have. — No, I have not. — I have been to Side before.)

8. Ünite Chores – Ev İşleri
Expressing feelings
Expressing likes and dislikes (I like it when my parents give me some pocket money.)
Expressing obligation (has to, have to, must)
Giving explanations/reasons
Making simple inquiries
Making simple suggestions

9. Ünite Science – Bilim
Describing what people are doing now
Describing what people do regularly
Giving explanations/reasons
Talking about past events (Scientific achievements of the past century changed the world. For example, Archimedes invented the water screw.)

10. Ünite Natural Forces – Doğal Afetler
Giving explanations/reasons
Making comparisons
Making predictions about the future (Giving reasons and results) (I think we will have water shortage in the future because we waste too much water. So we should/must stop wasting water sources.)
Making simple inquiries
Making simple suggestions
Stating personal opinions

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