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Turizm ve Otelcilik İngilizce Diyaloglar 5

Telefonda rezervasyon yapma esnasında geçen diyaloglar mevcuttur. 

Making a Reservation on the Telephone

 Answer the phone/Greet customers friendly.
o Good morning / Can I help you?
o Good afternoon /Good evening.

 Ask who is calling (use Mrs, Ms, Miss, Madam, Mr, Dr, Sir while
addressing the customers) and address the customer by name.
o Who is calling?
o Who’s speaking?

 Listen what customers say and make eye contact.
 Be understandable.
 Be kind and make sure you look interested.
 Be prompt (If the customer has to wait say “Please hold the line”/ “Please
hang on a minute.”)
 Don’t talk too much, be brief.
 Don’t be so curious about the customer.
 Take notes (caller, date and time, contact information).
 Take messages: Can I take a message?

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